Security Tips For Your Home

7 Home Security Tips

Your home is the most important place in your life. It’s a sanctuary that should not be violated by thieves and burglars. However, if you leave it under-protected, you’ll compromise the security of your family by inviting unwanted intruders. It may be difficult to safeguard your home from professional thieves but a large majority of burglaries are committed by amateur thieves who can easily be thwarted away by taking simple security precautions.


So, here are a few tips to enhance your home security:

  1. Eliminate thieves’ hideout places

Security starts outside of your home. A good starting point when beefing up your home’s security is a thorough survey around your home to identify places thieves can use to conceal their presence. Ensure that all trees and bushes around the house are well trimmed. Shrubs that have grown high enough to block a window’s view should be trimmed too. A clean compound with less hiding places does not provide an inviting target for burglars.

  1. Light up your compound

Thieves hide in dark places so consider lighting up your entire compound. Install lights in different places and ensure that your entrances are well lit when darkness falls. You may consider investing in motion detection spotlights which help conserve energy and won’t annoy neighbours who hate bright lights. Motion detectors have an infrared detector that automatically turns on when a person walks into a specific area within your compound. Thieves will not want to be in plain view when committing their criminal activities.

  1. Invest in hard to break doors and locks

One of the most effective security measures is to make your home an unattractive target by making it more difficult to break into. A thief will always bypass homes that require too much efforts or skills to enter and go for soft targets.

Burglars gain entrance through the front or back door or via the garage door. Most of them know that the back door and the garage door are usually the weakest points of entry. The back door and the garage door also provide better cover than the front door. It is, therefore, important to ensure that all your exterior doors including the back and garage doors are fitted with superior quality Grade-1 or even Grade-2 locks. These are locks that can withstand virtually every form of twisting and lock-picking attempts.

You can always add an extra level of security on your exterior doors using a good quality deadbolt lock. This type of lock comes with a bevelled casing that inhibits the use of pliers or other tools to remove lock cylinder pins. A knob-in-lock with dead-latch mechanism prevents burglars from slipping the lock using a credit card or another slim gadget.

  1. Keep your doors and windows locked at all times

You may invest in the toughest locks but if you don’t keep your doors and windows locked at all times, thieves can still rob you with ease. Lock all the doors and windows when you leave the house, before you go to bed at night, and generally whenever the doors or windows are not in use. If you like sleeping with windows open, ensure that the window has a lock that opens a few inches only.

Your garage door should always remain shut day and night. An open garage door invites burglars to peep in and gauge how easy it is to break into your home. They may not take anything from the garage but will get a good view of your home to determine if it is worth a later visit.

cctv camera held by a human hand

  1. Secure your glass-sliding patio doors

Glass-sliding doors are vulnerable to burglars because they are mainly secured by latches rather than locks. With a defective or cheap latch mechanism, the sliding glass door can easily be forced open from outside. You can secure the doors further by inserting a stick or dowel into the door’s track to prevent movement. There are many sliding door track-blockers that can be installed on the doors. Invest in a good locking and blocking device to prevent your sliding doors from being lifted or forced open horizontally.

  1. Install a good alarm system

Alarm systems are by far the best warning and burglar deterrent devices. A working alarm system will immediately inform you as well as the emergency security authorities of any burglary attempt. Most intruders often walk away from a home that has an alarm system installed. They’ll always run off the moment they hear an alarm go off.

However, the home alarm system works only when it is turned on. Remember to engage the alarm whether you are away or inside the house. Burglars are known to break into one section of the house while the owner is busy in another part of the house. Keep in mind that most home insurance companies give lower premiums to homeowners with alarm systems installed.

  1. Invest in easy-to-install security devices and gadgets

It always pays to have simple inexpensive security devices and gadgets in your home. You never know when the gadget will help to protect your loved ones and property from thieves.

Here are a few examples of less expensive and useful devices that you can use to enhance your home security:

  • A good quality peep-hole. You wouldn’t want to open your front door until you know who’s lurking on the other side. A peep-hole allows you to see who’s knocking before you open the door.
  • Wireless window alarms. It is important to keep windows and doors closed but you can still add another level of security with wireless alarms. Remember, thieves hate noise.
  • Solar charged motion detectors. Motion detector lights are effective crime deterrent systems but can easily run out of power. Invest in a motion detector system that is solar powered to ensure that its batteries are charged at all times.

Security Tips Conclusion

There are many more ways you can use to secure your home against thieves and intruders but the most effective is by simply being a good neighbour. Take the time to know your neighbours on each side of the home as well as across the street. Establish trust with them and they’ll always watch out for your home and report any suspicious activities to the authorities whenever you are not at home. Friendly neighbours provide the best security.