Security Cameras For Your Home

The Ultimate Guide in Securing Your Home Using Security Cameras

Security cameras are considered an integral part of any home security system. They provide 24-hour surveillance which in addition to making sure you have eyes on your home all the time, it can also play a big part in deterring would-be burglars. However, the idea of buying and installing security cameras is not as easy as most people think. There are many things you’ll need to consider and for a new first-time buyer, it can be challenging. It’s all about getting the simple things right and in this guide, we are going to give you all the information you need.

Types of Security Cameras in the Market

Before buying any security camera, it’s very important to know your options.

These are some of the different types of security cameras out there:

·         Wireless and Wired Cameras

A wired camera is connected to a monitor using a data cable. Although these cameras are not that popular, they are still in use in many homes. There are also wireless cameras that can be connected to the monitor remotely. The main benefit of a wireless camera is simple. It’s not easy to interfere with it. With wired cameras, cutting the data cables that connect to the monitor will surely limit the surveillance capability of any homeowner.

·         Night Vision Cameras

These are cameras that are designed to work both day and night. They come fitted with night vision capabilities so that even at night, they are able to offer effective surveillance for your home. Considering that most burglaries usually happen at night, a night vision camera would be a good addition to your home’s security.

·         Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

There is also the option of choosing between indoor and outdoor cameras. While most homeowners don’t have cameras indoors, sometimes it can help, especially when analysing an incident in retrospect. But most of the time, cameras are placed on the outside so that they are clearly visible to deter would-be burglars.

Features to Look for When Buying a Security Cameras

There are a number of important features that you’ll need to look for in a camera before you buy it.

Below are some of them:

Connectivity and Power Source

Many cameras in the market these days are designed to connect to the monitor using the home’s Wi-Fi network. However, this offers some level of challenge. To start with, it means that the operation of your camera is entirely dependent on the Wi-Fi network. If the network is down or not working for some reason, the camera will not work too. But there are cameras that use 4G/LTE cellular network. These are a little bit more effective and can offer more reliable surveillance.

security camera installed on a family home wall

You’ll also need to consider the power source. While some cameras use a plug-in adapter, there are some which are battery powered and others rechargeable. In order to have more flexibility, you will need to go for a rechargeable camera. This is because for the ones that use plug-in adapters, you’ll have to consider the availability of electrical outlets when deciding the location to install the camera. As for the battery powered one, it can be a huge hassle having to replace the batteries every time they are out.

The Camera App or Software

Every security camera will come with its application that allows you to view the live feed from your smartphone. There are also some cameras that offer a web-based app for people who may want to view the feed on their PC. This is the main entry point to your entire security camera surveillance system. It is important to ensure that the user interface is simple enough for you. The application should also provide you features that allow for better control of the camera system. It should also be possible to make setting changes on the camera using the software.

Quality of Video

The surveillance feed that comes from your security camera must be good enough. In addition to this, you may realize that there are some cameras that have live feed capability while others simply focus on recording the footage. Live feed surveillance may not really be necessary for a home. Besides, cameras that offer live feed capabilities can be expensive both in purchase and operation.

You will also find that there are cameras which will focus on recording the footage but can be integrated with motion detectors. The cameras will alert you if they detect motion in certain areas and you can log into your app and view the footage live. This would be the best option for a home. It’s cheaper and far more effective in overall home security.

The Field of View

The field of view is simply a measure of just how far a camera can see. Surveillance can sometimes be limited if the camera is only capable of seeing a small space. This also creates some blind spots that can be exploited by criminals. As you purchase home security cameras, you’d be better going for cameras with a bigger field of view. 180° is the most recommended field of view.


The footage that is recorded by the security camera must be stored somewhere. There are two options in this regard. There are cameras that will come with local storage options such as Micro SD cards. Others will offer you the option of cloud storage. Although you’ll have to pay a small monthly subscription fee for cloud storage, it’s the most reliable secure option for the recorded footage.


The issue of price is also an important factor but don’t pay too much attention to it. What you really need is an effective solution that works for your home even if it means spending a little extra. However, you don’t have to break the bank for quality security cameras. Major advanced brands are quite affordable too.

Security cameras can add a different dimension in home security and with the simple guide above, it should be easy to buy and secure your home with the best surveillance cameras on the market.