Burglar Alarm Systems Help

Burglar Alarm Systems: Protecting Your Home from Intrusions

Nowadays, people are growing more concerned about their safety. Theft crimes are becoming rampant, and they are committed due to extreme causes. Almost anybody can experience them, which is why having a burglar alarm system installed is now very necessary for residential properties. A reliable burglar alarm system can be considered as an investment as it will prevent theft in the very place that you consider home.

Fortunately, burglar alarm systems now come in many highly developed types. They have sensors that are all connected to central control units via low voltage hardwire or narrowband RF signal. A control unit is connected to an alarm, window, door, or any response device that you choose. The most common security sensors are those that detect if doors and windows are moving via Passive Infrared (PIR).

For newer homes, a hard-wired burglar alarm system is the best choice as it’s also cheaper. The cables and wires can be incorporated into the building while the construction is ongoing. For homes that are already standing, the installation of a wireless burglar alarm system is the recommended solution. A wireless system is much quicker to install. It also won’t interfere with a home’s existing layout. The only downside to it is that it’s more expensive in comparison to a hard-wired burglar alarm system. In terms of effectivity, both systems have proven to work in target situations.

A burglar alarm system, wired or wireless, is used for many other purposes such as safety, intrusion, and fire alarm. What’s impressive about newer technologies is that all these functions run simultaneously. A burglar alarm system is available in several different kinds and the one that you should choose is the system that caters to your specific needs. For smaller homes, there are burglar alarm systems that are smaller and are self-contained noisemakers. Larger residences and offices will benefit from multi-zoned systems as they are more sophisticated.

Types of Burglar Alarms

It’s good to know what happens when the alarm that you’ve installed in your home goes off.

Listed below are the most common ones offered by security companies:

  • Bells-Only Alarm – This type of alarm system will make noise once the sensors are triggered. However, it won’t contact you or the police station.
  • Dialer Burglar Alarm – This is the alarm system that will automatically dial the contact numbers that have been preset when the alarm goes off. The phone numbers may be yours or the police station’s.
  • Smart Home Security System – This type of security system will contact you, your family members, as well as the nearest police station when the sensors are triggered. This is done through a tablet or a smartphone app.
  • Monitoring Contract – This means that you’ll pay a monitoring or security company annually or monthly to call the police or take any action you choose if the alarm goes off.

How Much You Should Spend on A Burglar Alarm System

How much you will be spending for the acquisition and installation of an effective burglar alarm system will depend on your needs. An alarm system may cost you anywhere between £250 and £650. The cost can easily shoot up to thousands of pounds if your property needs a security system that’s more complex.

Each homeowner has different requirements, so the cost is greatly dependent on what you need. The basic features that you should consider are video surveillance, carbon-monoxide detectors, motion sensors, and controls that can be operated through your smartphone. Extra features and services will depend on the budget that you will set for your home’s security.

Do Your Homework and Ignore Marketing Tactics

When you are looking into purchasing a burglar alarm system and hiring an alarm monitoring service provider, doing your homework will make a huge difference. Do NOT pay attention to the hype that’s put forth by marketing companies as they are designed to convince you of purchasing or acquiring certain products and services. What’s more, there’s a chance that they aren’t factual.

picture of a burglar trying to open a window with a crow bar

What you should do is to focus on finding what other homeowners have to say about a particular service provider and home security system when you find the time to do the research online. In your area, look for companies that provide the security systems that you wish to look into. Then, narrow your choices down by typing the company’s name followed with the word “complaint” or “review.” If a company has lots of complaints or if it’s listed with strikes on the website of Trust Pilot, then we suggest you look for another one.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Burglar Alarm System

The most common mistake homeowners commit when choosing a security system to protect themselves, their families, possessions, and property is by making price a determining factor. Although you should still set a budget, the first step that you should take is to understand and assess your security needs. To do this, sit down and make a comprehensive list of all your concerns. Identify the fears that are haunting your dreams. Is the safety of your entire household a concern for you? Do you struggle in keeping track of your aging parent who tends to wander off? Is there valuable electronic equipment stored in your home? Are there antiques, jewelry, and art collections that you would want to keep safe on your property?

After you’ve identified the level of security you need for your home, the next factor you should consider when acquiring a home security system is the guarantee that’s given by the anti-burglar device manufacturer. You should be very careful with this as there are companies that are offering bogus warranties. You can safeguard your purchase by reading feedbacks and reviews from various customers who are using the same services and products as you.

A burglar alarm system works around the clock in order to give you the peace of mind that you need. It also ensures your safety within your home and prevents any type of intrusion. If you’re concerned about your household and property’s safety, choose a burglar alarm system that covers all your needs adequately.